Valuation Link maintains a well-staffed, trained and experienced Quality Control (QC) team. Our QC process has been developed over several decades within the appraisal industry. All employees are required to complete mandatory Appraiser Independence Requirements (AIR) training to ensure a thorough comprehension of the serious role appraiser independence has involving any interaction with fee panel appraisers. Valuation Link (VL) maintains an Appraiser Independence Hotline providing an opportunity for appraisers to contact us in the event an AIR violation occurs, which is managed by the VL Chief Compliance Officer. This process includes monthly meetings with our clients to review any issues and the appropriate actions taken to resolve them and provides training opportunities to ensure no repeat offenses occur. Additionally, all employees are required to complete training on Security / Non‐Public Information and Clear Screen/Clear Desk policies that are incorporated into the Policies and Procedures Manual.

Five Tier Quality Control Process:

  1. Automated rule set review upon upload via appraiser software plug in
  2. Automated UAD / .XML Scrubbing
  3. Manual review by a licensed appraiser
  4. Technology enabled review using automated review tools
  5. UCDP / EAD Delivery – CU Score tracking

Emerging Appraisal Technologies:

For many decades we have been dedicated to the technological efficiencies in the appraisal and appraisal management space. Our forward‐thinking approach has led us to test and implement new technologies and processes before our competitors, all with the proven goal of being faster than our competitors with strong, consistent quality.  Our technology platform provides up to the second accuracy with appointment scheduling, scheduling foresight knowledge, as well as escalation potential timeline analysis. An environment of full transparency is an ideology we support and empower.  Some additional tools we utilize are AQPM, UCDP, Realview, AVM’s, ASC/HUD Verification, and Proprietary upload rule sets.

Dodd‐Frank, UCDP and UAD Compliance:

Valuation Link’s Compliance Program covers not only Dodd‐Frank but Financial Institutions Reform Recovery & Enforcement Act of 1989 (FIRREA) Title XI, the state regulatory compliance requirements resulting from FIRREA Title XI, and the 2010 Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines to ensure VL compliance requirements are consistent with the compliance requirements of the lenders for whom VL acts as a third-party agent. UCDP and UAD compliance is managed through contractual relationships with lenders, appraisal software and delivery platform providers.

Possession of all licenses/permits:

Valuation Link is fully licensed to conduct business, (obtained AMC licenses and bonded where applicable) in all 50 states.