The Valuation Link Difference

Valuation Link is a full-service national provider of appraisal management, valuation management and settlement solutions. Operating daily in all 50 states, Valuation Link (VL) is owned and managed by certified appraisers with over 100+ combined years of experience and unrivaled industry knowledge.


Who We Are

Valuation Link was founded by appraisers. We decided the best approach to achieving high service levels comes from a partnership perspective. We do not interrupt the appraiser with unnecessary “noise” during the process. We pay fairly and on time and most importantly, we focus on what is important during the process and interact professionally. This combination of what we call “peer to peer engagement” allows us to exceed client expectations and beat our competitors on speed.

We work with a wide range of financial institutions, from the nation’s largest lenders to neighborhood credit unions and private money lenders, to deliver accurate valuations and closing services supporting the real estate industry. Our team combines leading edge technology and support with access to a nationwide network of compliant appraisal and valuation professionals. trustworthy


Our Process

Our nationwide panel of appraisers tap into their expertise to deliver clear, easy-to-understand reports, which allows our team to provide you with updates every step of the way. We take pride in having a superior network of qualified appraisers with local market knowledge. Our technology ensures that appraisal requests are assigned to the right appraiser the first time. Clients know that they have a direct line of communication with our team for personal support.

Our fully-transparent process works to provide clients with visibility and certainty with expectations and order status. Ordering appraisal management services has never been easier with our simple web interface. Check on your order status at any time, then share your report files with your key stakeholders.


Personal, Quality Service

Quality control shouldn’t hinder delivery schedules, but rather serve as an enhancement to the process. Our pre-check submission processes eliminate the back-and-forth that consumes valuable time in standard appraisal management services. We blend a human touch with leading edge data analytics to ensure your total satisfaction. Rest assured that when you contact us, you won’t be stuck with dead-end voicemails and dial tones, but rather a fully-capable support staff eager to assist.


Your Clients are our Priority

Whether you are funding a conventional loan, a refi, a HELOC or making REO decisions, Valuation Link’s residential, commercial and flex-space valuation management services deliver exactly what you need, on time and within budget.

We understand that clients come in all shapes and sizes and have different needs—from simple to complex. Valuation Link’s management team focuses on customizing a solution that recognizes what’s most important to you and your customers.

Valuation Management Services

Our philosophy for successful real estate valuation management rests on a combination of having the right people, the right processes and an organizational commitment to customer service excellence. Managing a network of skilled knowledgeable appraisers working in every state, and in-house teams to perform exception-based quality control, we deliver accurate, thorough management services without sacrificing valuable turn times.

Exceptional Management of Residential Appraisals

We understand speed is imperative in today’s competitive environment. Our management services provide industry-leading speed through enhanced efficiencies achieved with our panel of valuation providers and the high quality reports they produce. Taking advantage of our residential appraisal management services has never been easier.

Exceptional Management of Commercial Appraisals and Evaluations

To ensure exceptional management services for your commercial valuation and commercial evaluation needs, Valuation Link engages some of the nation’s best commercial appraisers to provide you with quality reports in a cost effective and timely manner with the convenience of a single point of contact.

Commercial Evaluations are on the rise! With Valuation Link’s unique ability to provide effective management services of commercial evaluations nationwide at a fixed cost, you will see our solution to saving time and money on commercial valuations has finally arrived. The high quality reports completed by our panel appraisers can be completed with exterior or interior inspections at a fraction of the cost of traditional commercial appraisals. The evaluation products we manage meet all applicable federal agency guidelines. If you have a need for commercial evaluations, please reach out to us for a sample and discussion on how Valuation Link can be the answer to you evaluation management.

Bifurcated and Hybrid Valuations

As the appraisal landscape evolves, Valuation Link has positioned itself at the forefront of this progress. We continue to champion the management of technology-enabled appraisals that comply with interagency guidelines. Whether it is providing recommendations to the GSEs on updates to their required forms, facilitating delivery of proprietary desktop appraisal products such as the Appraiser Certified Evaluation (ACE) in conjunction with property condition reports, our management services save you money and time.

Hybrid valuations provide alternative opportunities to traditional appraisal processes.

Valuation Link’s management services include any combination of AVM data, property condition reports, BPOs and desktop review services.

Cascade Solutions

With regulation changes, determining the most efficient valuation process while remaining compliant can be tricky. Valuation Link’s compliance specialists can assist in determining the best cascade of valuation deliverables. We can provide guidance for using a mix of AVMs, Property Condition reports, BPOs, Full and Hybrid appraisals – all of which Valuation Link can provide compliance management services for.

Property Condition Reports with AVM or Desktop Appraisal

The Property Condition Reports that Valuation Link manages include the completion of  exterior or interior inspection of a property in conjunction with an estimate of value and is a cost-effective alternative to broker price opinions (BPOs) and appraisals that may be used by lenders to manage risk while maintaining compliance with federal regulatory guidelines.

Automated Valuation Models

Valuation Link management processes include AVM solutions that are tailored to support financially sound risk and portfolio due diligence strategies through a full complement of national market data, appraisal valuation modeling, market analytics, indexes and forecasts. With our knowledge of AVM regulations and compliance, Valuation Link management services can provide you with the information you need to make well-informed decisions.